Claims Adjusters

Injured worker advocates that will guide employees from the start of the claims process, ease your workload, allow you to be client focused, and get files closed​

Problems We Solve

Case Overloads, Inaccurate Information, Inconsistent Communication, Changing Laws: We Can Help

Collaborative service providers that close the communication gap between injured workers and claims adjusters are hard to find.

As a claims adjuster, your plate is always full and it's impossible to tackle everything on your own. It's necessary to delegate/outsource what you can. Contacting and educating injured workers, drafting settlement documents that judges take action on, and obtaining approvals on settlements, are among some of the tasks that you need help with. But too often, finding service providers that streamline these time consuming processes and treat injured workers the way you like is the problem.

JUVO works to reduce your workload, keep your claims away from litigation, and provide the best possible experience for your injured workers.

Imagine what you could do with advocates that help injured workers understand the work com process

Why Claims Adjusters Choose Us

Reduce and overcome barriers to settlement with solutions from our integrated partner Ametros - Because caring for injured workers post-settlement is the right thing to do.

Fast Responses

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Fast Results

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WCAB Approval Process

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Want to learn how JUVO can resolve claims faster for you?

Try us for a service period today. We'll show you exactly how to refer to us in 60 seconds and integrate your service guidelines into our process and forms.

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